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There was something shiningly red next to my left foot on the ground, while walking towards my studio. After closer inspection it went into my bag for further use. Since I kept my gaze down as if walking along a shell splattered beach and saw more bright colourful objects.
Once the focus was set, let’s say on red, it didn’t take long before one sees more and more objects of the same colour. As if waiting for being picked up, the walk towards and back from the studio became a source of material to work with.

Even at home, at the shops or in town, the focus remained and more and more plastic objects found their way into the studio. Interesting about setting a focus is the fact, that we can’t focus on something else at the same time.

While looking at colourful plastic objects along the roads, I noticed after a while that I don’t look at flowers anymore. Flowers have diminished it seemed to me  – probably not in quantity, but by changing my focus, I didn’t see them anymore. It is this consciously changing focus which forms my reality and for which I made this series of colourful plastic objects.

At the same time I moved my studio from a 13 square meter room to being part of 500 square meter hall which had a visual impact in my work which grew into large scale installations.