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woah, this rubbish that others always leave behind. All the dirt and junk. Doesn’t anyone feel responsible here again? Don’t they see how bad it looks here? It’s always up to me. And when they put something away, they don’t separate properly, who, if not us, has to set a good example! And I can’t anymore. Talk more, hang up more notes, share more links and articles? – they already call me the one with the tidiness obsession and sometimes they leave their dirt just because of me…
At Avalanche, found, colour-intensive objects, individually sewn onto textiles, are sorted by color and size.
Here, Forster combines things, regardless of their origin, type and use, into colored wall hangings. On closer inspection, the individual objects become familiar from everyday life. With the size of 80x400x7 cm and if desired in an object frame, they are a real eye-catcher and conversation starter.