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Mutuality R.I.P. Michelle

R.I.P. – Mutuality_Michelle is an artistic response by the artist Hannes Brunner and Katharina Forster. Based on the sculpture ‘Mutuality’ by Katharina Forster, which is made from yellow plastic bags the film takes the viewer to an illegal landfill aka former LPG farmhall in Land Brandenburg.

Mutuality was created in 2017 in reslation to the ongoing refugee debates in Germany. Germany was known as a place of order and reliability. That time the majority of German households where given yellow bags for free to use for recycling their plastic waste. Which, in return, was labeled as to what belonged in the yellow bag and what doesn’t.
Forster got thousands of yellow bags given to by the state company to use for her artwork and to return it back after use. She crocheted an creature along a pattern for a lion soft toy. A lion as a metaphor for everything exotic coming from the south, especially from beyond the mediteranean.
A lion, king of the animals, trophae for hunters, highlight of every safari and one of the dangerous animals when met in the wild on ones own.