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Found and colourful objects intrigue me. Items we usually throw away caught my eyes by the beauty of their colour. Assembled on a base like a tire rim or saw blade, artworks emerged colour by colour.
Again, by setting the focus on one aspect of waste and plastics, it helps to bring order into chaos, to remain calm when it’s overwhelming.


Found, colourful objects form these sculptures titled Persistence. Inspired by the history of the origin of colour, these works consist of everyday material sorted according to its colour. We are surrounded by coloured object, no matter the value or utility. I mean, we even use coloured toilet paper.

When diving into history of colour and the making there off for dying and painting purposes, we get a glance at the work and science put into it for us. The research needed to have colour everywhere around us is amazing. Plastics and other colourful objects in all sizes and colours fascinate me. It is the abundance of such today which intrigue me. At the same time I enjoy the stories of each object. Most of the objects are found by myself or friends and family.

At the same time, I pursue the conquest of space from the two-dimensional to the three-dimensional in my sculptures. Have a look at Persistence, Condensed and Avalanche for more. From wall hangings to space invaders, from round sculptures to large ground covers.

Photography by Jessica Zumpfe ©VG – BildKunst Bonn