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Fashion Revisited


Fashion Revisited is your art statement for a fair fashion industry.

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Demonstrate support for environmental protection

Fashion Revisited 1 of 1,134

This is just one piece I have created as part of my series ‘Fashion Revisited’.
This project will only end once 1,134 clothing labels have been sewn onto a teabag. This is to represent the number of seamstresses that died in the Raza Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, 10 years ago exactly as I write this.

The materials I use are led by my awareness of sustainability, and caring for the planet. As an interdisciplinary artist, I must remain conscious of the global impact of my works.

I select materials that actively reduce waste, whilst raising awareness of ecological and sustainable processes within my pieces.

Earth Conscious Gift – FOR SALE

25% of the proceeds will be donated to fashion conscious industries.

The work comes in an excellent white wooden frame, signed and named at the back.