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KI & Artistic practice 

20 // TWENTY is a laboratory project that explores art and people in digital-virtual space and critically examines them. 
Which meaningfulness, emotions, mediation possibilities, joys and methods can be synthesized for artists and their work. 
And what digital elements and levels linger in pure self-occupation. 
I am very pleased to be part of the 20 artists and scientists who will be researching and acting in the virtual Stadtbad
 from June - who bring this laboratory project to life in the first place! The cultural backgrounds and foregrounds from Chile, 
Finland, Iran, Switzerland, Great Britain, Belgium, Lebanon and Germany already show the wide angle. In addition to diverse and heterogeneous, 
aesthetic forms of expression such as painting, music, dance, word, photography, sound, artistry, object, performance, 
installation and scientific perspectives such as performance art in Eastern Europe, knowledge transfer or forest research, 
the 20 artists and scientists are united by an interdisciplinary basic interest in culture, science and intercultural cooperation. 
How does a counterpart impulse and influence me artistically, humanly, aesthetically - and this without the vulnerable body in virtual space?
Or not. The virtual STADTBAD is currently being rebuilt for this laboratory trip, with a further 10 pool halls and interactive design tools for the artists,
where detailed biographies can then also be read. visit the virtual Stadtbad.

The project is funded by "DiWa Kultur - Digitization of cultural institutions" of the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg. 

Yours Katharina