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Welcome to the online shop and gallery of meandmyhands.
By purchasing an original Fashion Revisited artwork you make a statement by supporting the slow fashion industry. For every purchase made I donate 24% of the profit to a fair fashion supporting initiative.
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To learn more about the fashion industry and it's impact onto the world, feel free to search for yourself and follow my teaandtags account on Instagram. The works on offer will vary during the year, just like at any other gallery - you will be notified through my newsletter and via Instagram.
Since the primary purpose of an art gallery is to nurture visual artists, promote their work, and expose them to the public, collectors, media and cultural institution, you will find a fine selection of ready to purchase artworks of mine on this site.


This series of new works called ‘7 – Minuten Afrika’ 2024 is close to my heart.
As an European artist who studied fine art in South Africa I wonder how a German company can create, mix and name a tea ” Zauberhaftes Afrika”.
How would I feel if a eg Cameroun company would market a tea named European Temptation? Would I buy it? Would I expect it to taste delicious?

The works of 7- Minuten Afrika play with my contemplations on Africa while drinking Zauberhaftes Afrika Tee at home near Berlin. Reading about global interconnectedness, the trading with commodities like, oil, sand, gold, coffee, clothes…
The result is a series of framed works consisting of a teabag shaped object made from traditional South African Shwe-Shwe, a photography taken by myself in 1996 when I first visited the country.
Additional materials used are thread, paper, sand, coin and a pin.
The objects are secured behind a glassed solid wooden frame and the original artwork comes signed and dated at the back with a certificate of authenticity.
Of course there is a story behind each work which I happily share. Feel free to contact me via Contact.

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