Statistics give us numbers – just plain numbers. Numbers tell us stories when put in relation to each other. And even if put in relation to each other, they are still numbers. It is when connected with human values and experiences, that numbers become emotional. Numbers start telling stories we judge as being good or bad, numbers make us worry or relax. Statistics use those emotions of ours. Statistics pulled out of relation to other numbers, values, experiences play with our emotions.

Since I draw connections within my art, I ever so often want to clear numbers from my emotions, I want to experience the ‘rawness’ of numbers. Therefore I connect material with numbers and work with it. By actively working with my hands I tent to understand numbers in a different way, make them my own.

Here I’ve connected used teabags in a row and hung them between two emergency button boxes. Each used teabag stands for one women who got raped. By 115 women in average per day, I broke it down per minute and chose a specific amount of time I could ‘invision’ at that moment.

Now you can ‘see’ the number. It has become visible in a way. Either way you look at it, it’s an emergency. Please, press the emergency button whenever you see, hear, feel someone being raped.