Queer Bouquet

It’s a personal story which ignites many of my artworks. Who knows, maybe your story will be part of one of the artworks? This one here is made from 54 teabags, embroidered with a colourful thread and a piece of wire to hold it upright. The pieces of wire meet in a vase and give the impression of a bouquet of flowers.

The Queer Bouquet, created in 2011, reflects on all 54 African countries and their legality of same sex relationship and marriage. Even 2015, 34 of 54 countries outlawed same sex marriages (wikipedia). So on closer observation, some of the used teabags have different shapes: some are rounded, some are squared. Now you go and count…

I hear you asking: Why a bunch of flowers? Yes, because flowers are given to people who have done something great, to celebrate, to commemorate, to congratulate. Let’s celebrate already today a world of sexual freedom for everyone. Let’s celebrate all the leaders who stand up for justice and LGTBQ rights. Ja? Are you in?