ABOUT the ARTIST Katharina Forster:

As an interdisciplinary artist I am intrigued by the diversity and interconnectedness of our world today – how whatever we do today, no matter how small or big, affects others on an immediate and global scale.

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This website shows sculptures and installations made from everyday materials such as used teabags, candle wax, colourful plastics and others.

Others might include empty birds nests, 1-Euro cents or pacifiers and disposable diapers.


Participation is part of the artmaking process.

Everybody can participate by collecting material. Until now the majority of the stuff the works are made of is collected and found by many people around the globe. An open call for material is sent out irregular by mail or notified on the website (collection).

Feel free to join in.


It is the space which inspires many of the works and leads to installations which correspond with the environment.

Installations are created for a specific space and vary with each new exhibition space in size, scale and meaning.

Life saving

Life saving


Of course you are more than welcome to visit me in my STUDIO or check out some of my works on sale at an ONLINE GALERY.

News regarding Exhibitions and projects are shared in the blog.

Studio Vulkanfiberfabrik Werder (Havel), GE

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Kurzbiografie Gründungsmitglied und Vorstand des Kunstvereins VulkanKunstWerke e.V., Werder Kunstvermittlerin im Bereich Kinder-. Jugend- und Erwachsenenbildung seit 2014 freischaffend als Künstlerin in Werder (Havel) tätig 2010-2013 freischaffend als Künstlerin in Kapstadt tätig 2007-2010 Studium der freien Kunst, Ruth Prowse School of Art, Kapstadt 2004-2007 Arbeit als Ergotherapeutin in Berlin 2000-2003 Ausbildung zur Ergotherapeutin, Annastift e.V., […]


The materials used for my works have been collected by collegues, artlovers, neighbours, friends and family. If you would like to contribute towards my art making practice, feel free to browse the list to see what can be found in your home or workplace: dried, used teabags pacifiers / dummies empty anti baby blister pack […]


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