AVALANCHE 2017 mixed media sewn onto textile ca 400x80x11 cm each

Sold to a  collector in Düsseldorf

PERSISTENCE  (I-XIII)    2015    found mixed media 

​CONDENSED  (red)  2016  plastics   40x40x40cm

SERIES OF 5 2009 mixed media 20x30cm each, panel ca 90x40cm

Found, colourful material disposed of any function are used in Katharinas work in the same way as other artists use pigments for paintings or stone and wood for sculptures. Through her unique combination of this discarded material she creates new forms and associations, asking the viewer to question the relationship between humans and their surrounding environment.

COMRATES 2018  mixed media on wood 21x21x5cm

CONDENSED  (silver)  2016 metal plastics   50x40x120cm

CONDENSED  (green)  2016  plastics   40x50x90cm

Sold to  a collector in Swizzerland

CONGLOMERATES 2017 mixed media on concrete, each ca 25x25x7cm

CONDENSED  (Marie)  2016  plastics   60x60x60cm

FOLLOWING COLOUR has been a driving force for the last few years, resulting in a variety of works ranging from wall hangings to big full room installations and small sculptures. Visualizing how much colour is used in every day life which has been reserved for the wealthy and honoured in earlier stages of (art) history. 

CONDENSED  (white)  2016 plastics   wood    42x42x42cm

CONDENSED  (black)  2016 plastics   wood   42x42x42cm

Sold to a collector in Berlin 

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Stadtgallerie KunstGeschoss, Werder (Havel)

Meandmyhands - Visual Art by Katharina Forster