STATISTICS  2011 teabags fire emergency boxes glue

PULLING   2011  artificial hair   found wood   gold spray   hair clip 

SWALLOWED  2011  teabags  thread  tealeaves  razor wire washing pag 

HIVE I&II 2012  teabags   chicken wire artificial hair/ found wood

INTEGRITY, Razorwire, teabags, thread, vegetable mesh and glue. Dimensions variable

FASHION REVISITED 2016 - 2020 ongoing series  with teabags  clothing label/lace 4x4x1cm

QUEER BOUQUET 2013 teabags wire wool

one way to assist artist in doing what they are best at: make art

RENAISSANCE  2016   teabags  lace  5x20x1 cm

    Integrity, 2012
1. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

2. The state of being whole and undivided: "territorial integrity"

This installation is part of a process dealing with personal and territoral integrity. Inspired by the story of San Remo (an abandoned house in the city center of Cape Town) and its former inhabitants (homeless people, drug dealers, drug addicts and sex worker), boundaries and overstepped boundaries are an important aspect of their lifes. I consider abuse or misuse, reuse and being used in my work as ways of ignoring the integrity of the Other:  human, animal, object/substance.

Meandmyhands - Visual Art by Katharina Forster

Exhibition view San Remo Cape Town  2012

IT'S GOOD IT'S BEAUTIFUL IT'S TRUE  2012  (part and detailed view of triptych) razor wire  teabag  artificial hair 


Teabags have been part of my work since 2010, where I used them to convey work dealing with rape and resulting pregnancy. I am intrigued by their fragility and the aspect of them being `used ́. In combination with wire I play with violence, harshness, masculinity (opponent qualities) and the concept of boarders and security.

Overstepping boundaries has been a topic for me and my current work conveys aspects of such in very different ways. Abuse or misuse are both ways of ignoring the integrity of the Other; humans, animals, the planet, be the abuse obviously or disguised.


The works shown here are all in one way or another made from teabags. Where necessary other objects and materials were added. ​

Teabags have been part of my work since 2010, where I used them in a work that dealt with  rape and resulting pregnancy. The fragility of teabags and the state of being "used" intrigued me. Combining teabags with wire is like a play on the opposing qualities of violence, harshness, masculinity and femininity, vulnerability, domestic comfort.