Meandmyhands-Visual Art by Katharina Forster


Katharina Forster work includes objects, installations, paintings and video.
The topics of her work revolve around the complex themes of appreciation and mindfulness: those between human as well as between human and nature.

By changing her points of view, she tends to surprise the viewer with unique, inspiring, sometimes provocative perspectives.

Her work method is influenced by her love for solid artisanal techniques, which she combines with unusual but mundane materials. Thus she extracts them from her usual context and places them in surprising new constellations.
Katharina Forster studied at the Ruth Prowse School of Art in Cape Town, South Africa, where she lived and worked for several years. It is here where she initiated, coordinated and curated some unconventional exhibitions with other artists outside the usual white cube. 

CONDENSED (green)  2016 plastic  cable ties  40x50x100 cm