Meandmyhands-Visual Art by Katharina Forster

Condensed (black/white)  2016  found plastic cable tires   wood optional   dimensions variable

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During the project six sculptures were created from material collected by the public. 

STADT-RAUM-KUNST art participation project in Kamenz September 2016

KATH'S ART SHOP multimedia public art event - Stein am Rhein 2011, Swizzerland

multi media public art event in Stein am Rhein (CH) 2011 consisting of a tuck shop imitating stall and an online drawing interview with locals from Cape Town.

CHICKEN PROJECT public art in Cape Town  - Infecting the City 2013

Chicken Project  2013 at Infecting the City - public art event in Cape Town chalk on pavement

Drawing various chicken and rooster in all different places around the city of Cape Town during the one week public art event Infecting the City in 2013. 

A one week art participation project in the city of Kamenz in September 2016 allowed four artist to work in and with the public. 

Above you will see my temporary outside studio for the time there, with collected material by the people of Kamenz. Below are some of the final objects which remained after the one week plein air residency.