Meandmyhands-Visual Art by Katharina Forster

Renaissance, 2016, teabags, lace, 5x20x1 cm


(C. = catalogue)

​September 2016:    Stadt-Raum-Kunst, Kamenz
Mai-Juni 2016:         Een en een, Katharina Forster & Babette Woltemath, Kunstgeschoss, Werder (Havel)
Mai 2016:                  ARTiges, Kunstverein Ottobrunn (C.)
September 2015:     Vom Jung und Alt sein, Künstlerverein Wiesbaden, (C.)
February 2015:        Duty of Care, Katharina Forster & Stephan Groß, Group Global 3000, Berlin
October 2014:          Slowness, Group Global 3000, Berlin
May 2014:                 Art, Material and Sustainability, Group Global 3000, Berlin
December 2013:      Black and Yellow, 3rd Installation, Studio 41, Cape Town
September 2013:     Inter Action, ONE DAY Art, Muizenberg
June 2013:                 Travel, ONE DAY Art Muizenberg train station
April 2013:                Studio 41 Group show, Cape Town
February 2013:        Bees work in Teams, ONE DAY Art, Muizenberg Park (C.)
October 2012:          San Remo, Cape Town
June 2012:                 Kill your Darlings, Video Exh., Greatmore Studios, Woodstock
                                    Drawn to Red, ONE DAY Art, Villa Rosa, Muizenberg,
November 2011:      ONE DAY ART FAIR, empty workshop, Muizenberg,
October 2011:          Drawing Connections, Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy
June 2011:                 ONE DAY, vacant building, Muizenberg,
September 2010:     Overture, annual Exhibition, Ruth Prowse School of Art
June 2009:                 Exposure, Ruth Prowse School of Art,
October 2008:          Re-Nude, Exposure Gallery, Woodstock, Cape Town